Curriculum Vita
John D. Sullivan
Office Address: Pitzer College
1050 N. Mills
Claremont, CA 91711
Office Telephone: (909) 607-3072
Fax: (909) 621-8481

    Professor of Political Studies, Pitzer College
    Ph.D., Stanford University, 1969
    M.A., San Francisco State College, 1967
    B.A., San Francisco State College, 1964
    Acting Dean of Faculty, Pitzer College, Spring 1998
    Director of Administrative Computing, Pitzer College, 1989-93
    Professor, Political Studies, Pitzer College, 1982
    Associate Professor, Political Studies, Pitzer College, 1975-82
    Assistant Professor, Program in International Relations, Claremont Graduate School, 1972-75
    Member, World Data Analysis Program, Yale University, 1968-72
    Assistant Professor, Political Science, Yale University, 1968-72
    Teaching Assistant, International Politics, San Francisco State College, 1964-65
    Research Assistant, Ole R. Holsti, Studies in International Conflict and Integration, Stanford University, 1966-67
    Research Assistant, Ralph M. Goldman Institute for Research on International Behavior, San Francisco State College, 1965

Teaching Assistant, American Public Policy, Stanford University, Fall, 1965

    Pitzer College grant to modify Politics of Water to include significant segment dealing with water issues in Ontario, CA and the Inland Empire generally, Spring 2003.
    Irvine Grant to prepare course on public policy analysis, Fall 1995
    Participant, Workshop on Voting, Elections, and Social Choice, Union College, New York, Summer 1988
    Received faculty stipends under the Mellon "Fresh Combinations" program for the following:
a. Summer 1985: participant in faculty seminar on discrete mathematics
b. Summer 1986: wrote a teaching module on a ground water extraction problem (with James Lucke of CMC)
c. Summer 1987: wrote a teaching module on discrete mathematics and the analyses of voting systems (with Barbara Beechler of Pitzer)
d. Summer 1988: participated in Discrete Math Workshop with Claremont mathematicians on applications of the Hewlett-Packard 28S calculator. Developed applications for introductory statistics course.
    Mellon Summer Grant, Course Development, 1980
    National Science Foundation Traineeship, Stanford University, 1967-68
    Stern Foundation Fellowship, Stanford University, Summer 1967
    Associate Dean of Faculty, July 1, 1999-00
    Acting Dean of Faculty and Vice-President for Academic Affairs, January 1, 1999 to June 30, 1999
    Chair, Deans Search Committee, 1997-98
    Chairperson, Pitzer College Faculty Executive Committee, 1995-96
    Member, Pitzer College Faculty Executive Committee, 1994-96
    Director of Administrative Computing, Pitzer College, 1989-93
    Consultant, Doctoral Program in Public Administration, University of LaVerne, ongoing 
    Chairperson, Chicano Student Affairs Center Review Committee, Claremont, 1988-89
    Acting Dean of Students, Pitzer College, January 1-June 30, 1988
    Editor, Pitzer College Cataloque, 1987.
    Student in the UCLA Extension "Alcohol and Drug Counseling Certificated Program", 1986-88 Received certificate, 1988
    Member, Steering Committee for Discrete Mathematics Project, 1985-87
    Chairperson, Ad hoc Subcommittee on Faculty Handbook Revision, Pitzer College, 1986-87
    Chairperson, Pitzer College Faculty Executive Committee, 1986-87
    Member, Pitzer College Faculty Executive Committee, 1985-87
    Book Review Editor, Section on Natural Resources and Environmental Administration, American Society for Public Administration, 1979-80
    Chairperson, Master's of Arts Program in Public Policy Studies, Claremont Graduate School, 1978-79
    Member, Pitzer College Faculty Executive Committee, 1976-78
    Director, Program in Public Policy studies, The Claremont Colleges, 1975-77
    Chairperson, All Claremont Computer Committee, 1973-74; member, 1973-77
    Acting Chairperson, Program in International Relations, Claremont Graduate School, Fall, 1973
    Consultant, Consolidated Analyses Centers, Inc., Arlington, VA., 1970-75
    Consultant, G. E. TEMPO, Santa Barbara, California, 1969-70
    Director of Graduate Studies for International Relations, Yale University, 1969-71

I currently serve as Natural Resources, Chair of the League of Women Voters of the Claremont Area and Natural Resources person on the board of LA County League of Women Voters. As of July 1, 2003, I will serve as natural resources director for the board of the League of Women Voters of California. Since 2001, I have served on State of California, Department of Water Resources California Water Plan Update Advisory Committee.

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