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Pitzer College

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University of Pennsylvania        Ph.D.         May 1975

      Major area: Sociology of Education

     Minor areas: Statistics and Methodology, Social Psychology


Colgate University                         M.A.          August 1970

      Major area: Education (Higher Education: Student Personnel & Counseling)


University of Notre Dame           A.B.          June 1969

      Major area: Sociology

      Minor area: Media     




Pitzer College

    Professor of Sociology   (1986-present)

    Associate Professor of Sociology    (1981-1986)

    Assistant Professor of Sociology    (1975-1981)


Courses:        Quantitative Research Methods

                        Social Psychology of Friendship

                        Introductory Sociology

                        Men and Masculinity

                        Reality, Illusion, and the Self

                        Computing, Computers, and Society

                        Alcohol & Drug Use in Contemporary Society

                        Sociology of Education

                        Introductory Statistics

                        Gay & Lesbian Social Issues

                        Sociology of Adolescence

                        Sociology of Communications

                        Self and Society





Pitzer College


Director of Institutional Research (2001- )

Associate Dean of the Faculty (1995-1997; 2000-2004)

Faculty Executive Committee (tenure/promotion committee: elected) (1991-1993, chair); (1985-1987); (1981-1983) 

Search Committee Chair, Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid (1995); Dean of Students (1988)

Search Committee member, Counseling Center Director (1991-1992), Registrar (1992), Others: Assistant Dean of Students, Advancement Office director

Member of Budget Committee, Curriculum Committee, Orientation Committee, Commencement Committee, Alumni Relations Committee, Student Awards Committee, Community Relations Committee, Judicial Council





President, Pacific Sociological Association, 2005-2006

Rockefeller Foundation, Bellagio Study & Conference Center Fellow, 1997

Haynes Foundation Faculty Research Award, 1994, 1988, and 1979

Avery/Durfee Foundation Travel Grant to China, 1989

Mellon Grants for Faculty Course Development, 1987, 1986, 1983, and 1982

Visitorship, University of Essex, Social Science Research Center Data Archives, 1984




American Sociological Association

Pacific Sociological Association




Editor, Sociological Perspectives (1999 - 2003)

Tenure Review Referee: University of Florida, Middlebury College, University of Kentucky, Georgetown University, College of William & Mary, Simon Fraser University, Seattle University

Outside Department Reviewer: California Polytechnic State University, Pomona (2001). [Invited to Oberlin College & University of San Francisco but declined due to conflict in schedules]

Special Features Co-Editor, Sexualities (Sage journal, 1997 - 2000)

Editorial Board: Gender & Society (1998-2002); Men & Masculinities (1998-2000); Sociological Perspectives (1996-1999); California Sociologist  (1978-1990); Journal of Homosexuality (1993--)

Book Review Co-Editor, GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian & Gay Studies (1994-97)

American Sociological Association, Section on Sexualities, Council Board member, 1997-2000

Pacific Sociological Association, Executive Council (1998-2000)

Grant review committee, Belgian Federal Public Planning Service, Science Policy (2005); National Science Foundation, Sociology Grants; Wayne Placek Awards/American Psychological Association (1995-1999)

Presider or organizer of panels at American Sociological Association annual meetings (1994, 1995, 1998, 2001), Pacific Sociological Association (1994, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001)

Equity Task Force member, Los Angeles Police Commission (1994-1995)

American Sociological Association, Los Angeles meetings, Planning committee (1994)

Task Force on Participation, American Sociological Association (1992-1994)

Southern California Area Representative to American Sociological Association (1985-1987)



Reviewer for:


American Sociological Review

Social Forces

Social Problems

Qualitative Sociology

Gender & Society

Sex Roles

Men & Masculinities

Sociology of Education

Journal of Social & Personal Relationships

American Ethnologist

Journal of Homosexuality

Journal of Studies on Alcohol

Journal of Urban Ethnography

Social Psychology

Journal of Personality & Social Psychology

Journal of Applied Social Psychology

Sociological Quarterly

Sociological Inquiry


Westview Publishers

Columbia University Press

Harvard University Press

Harper and Row Publishers

University of Chicago Press

Sage Publications


New York University Press

University of California Press

Duke University Press






Interpreting Data: A Guide to Understanding Research, Allyn & Bacon (2006)


Doing Survey Research: A Guide to Quantitative Research, Allyn & Bacon, Second Edition, 2006  (First Edition, 2003)


Gay Masculinities, Editor, Sage Publications, 2000


Gay Men’s Friendships: Invincible Communities, University of Chicago Press, 1999 [Ch. 8: “The Politics of Friendship and Gay Social Movements, Communities, and Neighborhoods” reprinted in The Masculinities Reader, Stephen Whitehead & Frank Barrett (eds.), Polity/Blackwell Press, 2001]  


Social Perspectives in Lesbian & Gay Studies: A Reader, (co-editor with Beth Schneider), Routledge , 1998


 In Changing Times: Gay Men & Lesbians Encounter HIV/AIDS, (co-editor with John Gagnon & Martin Levine), University of Chicago Press, 1997


Growing Up Before Stonewall: Lifestories of Some Gay Men, (co-editor with David Sanders and Judd Marmor), Routledge, 1994


Men's Friendships, Editor, Sage Publications, 1992



      Articles & Book Chapters


“Friendship, Sex, and Masculinity” in Michael Kimmel (ed.), The Sexual Self, Vanderbilt University Press, forthcoming (2006)

“The Reality of Illusion: The Magic Castle in Hollywood.” Contexts 5:1, pp. 66-69, 2006

“Friendships” entry in Men and Masculinities: A Social, Cultural, and Historical Encyclopedia, ABC-Clio Press, 2004


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      Opinion Editorials


“Gay TV Channel Can Target Ignored Issues.” New York Newsday, p. A20, January 28, 2002


"Saying 'I Do' to Broadening the Debate" op-ed article on gay marriage, Los Angeles Times, Monday, February 5, 1996


"There Are Victories to Be Savored," op-ed article on 25th Anniversary of Stonewall, Los Angeles Times, Sunday, June 12, 1994


"Gays Should Lean on Justice, Not Science," op-ed article on genetic studies and civil rights, Los Angeles Times, Friday, August 6, 1993


"The Best Little Boy in the World (He Won't Tell)," op-ed article on children of alcoholics, Los Angeles Times, Sunday, March 23, 1980


Others appeared in Riverside, CA Press-Enterprise; Ontario, CA Daily Bulletin; Los Angeles Frontiers; American Sociological Association Footnotes.


      Book Reviews


Contemporary Sociology (34:4, 2005; 32: 3, 2003; 23:2, 1994; 20:3, 1991;14:4, 1985; 6:6, 1977; 3:4, 1974)

Journal of Homosexuality (forthcoming 2006)

Gender and Society (1994)

Journal of the History of Sexuality (4:1, 1993)

Teaching Sociology (17:1, 1989)

American Journal of Sociology (85:2, 1979)

American Educational Research Journal (15:4, 1978; 14:2, 1977)

Sociological Analysis (32:4, 1971)



Over 75 public talks to non-academic and college audiences.





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