Curriculum Vitae

Brian L. Keeley

Philosophy, and Science, Technology & Society Field Groups

Pitzer College, 1050 N. Mills Ave., Claremont, CA 91711

Email: Telephone: (909) 896-1435 (Mobile Phone)


Academic & Employment History


Associate Professor of Philosophy, Pitzer College


Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Pitzer College


External Graduate Faculty (Philosophy), Claremont Graduate University


Assistant Professor of Philosophy (tenure-track), University of Northern Iowa


McDonnell Philosophy/Neuroscience/Psychology Postdoctoral Fellow, Washington University in St. Louis


Ph.D., Philosophy and Cognitive Science, University of California, San Diego; Thesis: 鼎ognitive science as the computational neuroethology of intelligent behavior: Why biological facts are important for explaining cognition. Chairs: Patricia Smith Churchland, Sandra D. Mitchell.


M.A., Philosophy, UCSD; Thesis: 展.V.O. Quine: The last pragmatist?


M.Sc., Knowledge Based Systems, University of Sussex (UK); Thesis: 鄭 hybrid classical/conュnecュtionュist archiュtecュture for solving logic problems


B.A., Philosophy, Magna cum Laude, University of South Alabama


Areas of Research Specialization

      Philosophy of Neuroscience

      Philosophy of Science

      Philosophy of Mind

      Neuroethology & Animal Behavior


Areas of Teaching Competence

      Aesthetics & The Philosophy of Art


      History of Medieval Philosophy

      Ethics & Biomedical ethics

      Introduction to Neuroscience

Academic Honors, Awards, and Grants (selected)

   2005 Visiting Scholar, Dept. of Philosophy, University of California, Berkeley

   2004 Charles A. Ryskamp Research Fellowship, awarded by the American Council of Learned Societies, Project: 溺aking sense of the senses: Philosophical traditions and the nature of perception ($75,000)

   2003 Visiting Fellow, Center for the Philosophy of Science, University of Pittsburgh.

   2001 Helen R. Whiteley Scholar at Friday Harbor Marine Biology Labs (May-June)

   1999 5-year fellowship, McDonnell Project in Philosophy & the Neurosciences. Project title: 典he eyes have it: The neuroethology of eye gaze information processing and other minds ($10,000Cnd)

   1997 2-year McDonnell Philosophy/Neuroscience/Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowship

   1993 National Research Service Award, 3-yr pre-doctoral, National Institute of Mental Health (#1-F31-MH10676-01), Title: 撤hilosophy, Computational Neuroethology, & Eigenュmanュnia ($30,594)

   1993 Graduate Fellowship, McDonnell-Pew Center for Cognitive Neuroscience ($10,198)

   1989 Comprehensive (Full) Fulbright Grant (Institution: Univ. of Sussex, Brighton, UK)

   1989 Regents' Fellowship, University of California, San Diego (Declined)

   1989 Faculty Award for Honors Work in Philosophy, University of South Alabama

   1988 Younger Scholars grant, National Endowment for the Humanities (Topic: 的ntentionality: Its formulations and implications for machine intelligence)

   1988 Best Student Paper Award, Alabama Philosophical Society

   1985 Presidential Scholarship, 4-year, University of South Alabama


Edited Books

   2005 Paul Churchland. Series: Contemporary Philosophy in Focus. Cambridge University Press. (Edited volume with contributions from Dan Dennett, Jos Luis Bermdez, Clifford Hooker, Jesse Prinz, Pete Mandik, William Krieger, Aarre Laakso, and Garrison Cottrell.)


Refereed papers

   2004 鄭nthropomorphism, Primatomorphism, Mammalomorphism: Understanding cross-species comparisons. Biology & Philosophy, 19, 521-540.

   2003 Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition! More thoughts on conspiracy theories, Journal of Social Philosophy, 34, 104-110.

o     To be reprinted in Conspiracy Theories: The Philosophical Debate, David Coady, ed., Aldershot, UK: Ashgate Publishing, forthcoming Fall 2005.

   2002 溺aking sense of the senses: Individuating modalities in humans and other animals, The Journal of Philosophy, 99, 5-28.

   2000 鉄hocking lessons from electric fish: The theory and practice of multiple realization, Philosophy of Science, 67, 444-465.

   2000 哲euroethology and the philosophy of cognitive science, Philosophy of Science, 67 (Proceedings), S404-S417. (Part of a symposium on 鉄tudies in the Interaction of Psychology and Neuroscience with Gary Hatfield and William Hirstein.)

   1999 擢ixing content and function in neurobiological systems: The neuroethology of electroュrecepュtion, Biology & Philosophy, 14, 395-430.

   1999 徹f conspiracy theories, The Journal of Philosophy, 96, 109-126.

o     Translated as 鄭 Konspir當is Elm駘etekrl, Holmi, XII, 1371-1386. (Agnes Erdelyi痴 translation for a Hungarian cultural journal.)

o     To be reprinted in Conspiracy Theories: The Philosophical Debate, David Coady, ed., Aldershot, UK: Ashgate Publishing, forthcoming Fall 2005.

o     To be translated as 泥e las Teoras de Conspiracin in Teorias de las conspiracin, Juan Cristbal Cruz, ed. Publicaciones Cruz O. S. A, forthcoming in Mexico.


Invited and conference papers

   (In preparation) 典heoretical issues in the neurobiology of the senses in Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Neuroscience, J. Bickle, ed., Oxford University Press.

   (In preparation) 撤henomenology and the Senses: There痴 less connection than one would think in Routledge Companion to the Philosophy of Psychology, J. Symons, ed., Routledge.

   2005 典he Unexpected Realist, in Paul Churchland, Brian L. Keeley, ed., Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (Co-authored with William Krieger.)

   2005 釘ecoming Paul M. Churchland (1942-) in Paul Churchland, Brian L. Keeley, ed., Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

   2002 摘ye gaze information processing: A case study in primate cognitive neuroethology, in The Cognitive Animal, M. Bekoff, C. Allen, & G. Burghardt, eds. MIT Press, 443-450.

   1998 鄭rtificial life. in the Encyclopedia of Semiotics. P. Bouissac, ed., Oxford University Press, 48-51.

   1997 摘valuating artificial life and artificial organisms, in Artificial Life V: Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on the Synthesis and Simulation of Living Systems, C. G. Langton & K. Shimohara (eds.). Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 264-271.

   1994 鄭gainst the global replacement: On the application of the philosophy of artificial intelligence to artificial life, in Artificial Life III: Proceedings of the Workshop on Artificial Life, C. G. Langton (ed.). Reading, Mass: Addison-Wesley, Advanced Book Program, 569-587.

   1993 的s there room for philosophy in the science(s) of complexity? in 1992 Lectures in Complex Systems, Santa Fe Institute Studies in the Sciences of Complexity, L. Nadel and D. Stein (eds.). Redwood City, CA: Addison Wesley, 615-622. [Coauthored with E. Bonabeau.]

   1992 典he Cartesian theater stance (Comment on D.C. Dennett & M. Kinsbourne, 典ime and the observer), Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 15(2): 209-210). [with B. Glymour, R. Grush, V. Hardcastle, J. Ramsey, O. Shagrir, and E. Watson.]

   1988 展hen artificial intelligence encounters philosophy, in Proceedings of the Southeast Regional Conference of the Association for Computing Machinery.

Reviews and Abstracts

   2003 Review of Leslie Brother's Mistaken Identity: The Mind-Brain Problem Reconsidered (New York: SUNY, 2001). Brain and Mind, 3, 409-12.

   1999 Review of C. Allen & M. Bekoff, Species of mind: The philosophy and biology of cognitive ethology. Philosophical psychology, 12 (4), 543-546.

   1998 鄭rtificial life for philosophers. Philosophical psychology, 11 (2): 251-260.

   1995 鏑arge, slow changes in electric organ discharge associated with social context in Eigenmannia in M. Burrows, T. Matheson, P. L. Newland & H. Schuppe (eds.), Nervous Systems and Behaviour: Proュceedings of the 4th international congress of neuroethology. Stuttgart: Verlag, 1995: 415. (Abstract)

   1990 Review of J. Pollock's How to Build a Person, in AISB Quarterly (Quarterly Newsletter of the Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence & Simulation of Behaviour), 74.

   1990 Review of J. C. Smith's Historical Foundations of Cognitive Science, in AISB Quarterly (Quarterly Newsletter of the Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence & Simulation of Behaviour), 73.



Presentations (selected)

   2005 Invited commentary on Peter W. Ross 鼎ommon Sense About Qualities And The Senses, American Philosophical Association (Eastern Div.), New York City, Dec., 2005.

   2005 典he Individuation of Sensory Modalities: Ancient and Contemporary Views Compared. Southern California Philosophy Conference (CSU-Northridge, Oct 19).

   2005 典he hunt for the wily quale: The evolution of a philosophical concept. Society for Philosophy & Psychology. Wake Forest University, June 05.

   2003 摘ye gaze and the problem of other minds. Invited paper given at Pennsylvania State University (Science Studies program, Dec. 03)

   2003 典he concept of 租edication in comparative neurobiology. Invited paper given at Cambridge University and Trinity College, Dublin (both Dec. 03).

   2002/2003 鄭nthropomorphism, Primatomorphism, Mammalomorphism: Understanding cross-species comparisons. (1) Society for Philosophy & Psychology, Edmonton, Ontario, June 2002, (2) 39th Annual Taft Philosophy Colloquium: Animal Cognition. Cincinnati, Ohio, April 2003, (3) Invited paper given to Virginia Tech Undergraduate Philosophy Club, Nov. 03.

   2002/2003 泥eciphering the ocular dialect: How to use eyes to read minds Carleton/McDonnell Philosophy & Neuroscience Conference, Ottawa, Ontario, October 2002 & ICCS/ASCS-2003 Joint International Conference on Cognitive Science, Sydney, Australia, 13-17 July, 2003.

   2001/2002 的s there a special, conceptual problem of mental disease (beyond the problem of disease itself)? (1) 2001 Southern California Philosophy Conference (UC-Irvine, October), (2) American Philosophical Association (Pacific Division, Seattle, April 2002), (3) Invited paper at Occidental College (Cognitive Science Program, April 2002).

   1999 溺aking sense of the senses: Individuating the modalities in human and non-human animals, Society for Philosophy & Psychology, Palo Alto, June, 1999, and American Philosophical Association (Eastern Div.), Boston, Dec., 1999.

   1998 哲euroethology and the philosophy of cognitive science, Cognitive Science 1998, Madison, Wisconsin, August, 1998 & PSA98 (1998 Philosophy of Science Association, Kansas City, MO).

   1998 鉄hocking lessons from electric fish: The theory and practice of multiple realization, Presented at both Southern Society for Philosophy & Psychology, New Orleans, April, 1998, and the Society for Philosophy & Psychology, Minneapolis, June, 1998.

   1997 展hat's right and what's wrong with artificial life? International Society for the History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology, Seattle, 16-20 July, 1997.

   1995 鄭rtificial life and natural complexity, International Society for the History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology, Leuven, Belgium, 18-23 July, 1995.

   1995 釘lip world & blob world: an A-Life metaphor, European Society for Philosophy and Psychology, Oxford, United Kingdom, 29 Aug-2 Sept, 1995. (Poster)




Service to Profession

         Society for Philosophy and Psychology (Annual Meeting Program Chair, 2003; Executive Committee Member, 2003-2006)

         Philosophy of Science (Reviewer)

         Philosophical Psychology (Reviewer)

         Artificial Life (Reviewer)

         2001 Southern California Philosophy Conference (Program committee)

         Artificial Life VII & VIII (Program committee)



References Telephone Email address

William Bechtel (Professor, Philosophy, UCSD)

(858) 822-4461

Paul Churchland (Professor, Philosophy, UCSD)

(858) 534-4883

Patricia Churchland (Professor, Philosophy, UCSD)

(858) 534-6811

Sandra D. Mitchell (Professor, History & Philosophy of Science, U. of Pittsburgh)

(412) 624 5878


Teaching Experience


I. Pitzer College, Assistant Professor

2 times, 04-05

Introduction to Knowledge, Mind & Existence

Spr 03

Monkey Business: Continuing Controversies in Human Evolution (team-taught)

2 times, 02-04

Aesthetics & the Philosophy of Art

Fall 02

Science, Technology & Society (A Freshman Seminar)

4 times, 00-05

Philosophy of Science

3 times, 00-03

Foundations of Neuroscience (team-taught)

3 times, 00-03

Introduction to Philosophy

3 times,01-05

Perspectives on Mind and Brain

Fall 00

If Ignorance is Bliss, Why Bother Thinking? (A Freshman Seminar)


II. University of Northern Iowa, Assistant Professor

Spr 00

Medieval Philosophy

Fall 99

The Human Person (The philosophy of human nature)

4 times, 99-00

Introduction to Philosophy


III. Washington University in St. Louis, Lecturer

Spr 99

Topics/Philosophy of Science: Functionalist Explanation in Psych. (Graduate)

Spr 98

Phil. Issues in Neuroethology & Animal Behavior (Graduate)


IV. University of California, San Diego, Lecturer

Fall 96

Biomedical Ethics

Spr 96

Logic & Decision Making


Note: All undergraduate unless otherwise noted. Graduate school assistant teaching experience not shown. (9 different courses in Philosophy, Humanities & Writing.) Details available upon request.