Curriculum Vitae
Ethel Jorge


1998: Ph.D. in Latin American Cultural Studies The Union Institute. Cincinnati, Ohio.

1989: Secondary Teaching Certificate in Spanish and History: Department of Education. University of Alaska. Fairbanks, Alaska.

1984-85: Graduate studies on Latin America: Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales. Paris, France.

1977-1982: B.A- MA. Latin American History. Universidad de la Habana. Havana, Cuba.

1971-72: Undergraduate study in Philosophy: Facultad de Humanidades y Letras, Universidad de la Republica. Montevideo, Uruguay.

1970: High school: Instituto Alfredo Vrazquez Acevedo. Montevideo, Uruguay.


1999-present: Assistant Professor of Spanish
Modern Languages and Literature Field Group Pitzer College; Claremont, CA

1998-1999: Assistant Professor of Spanish
Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures University of Alaska Fairbanks; Fairbanks, Alaska

1990-98: Instructor of Spanish
Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures University of Alaska Fairbanks; Fairbanks, Alaska

1986-90: Lecturer of Spanish
Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures University of Alaska Fairbanks; Fairbanks, Alaska

1989-91,95: Lecturer of Spanish
School of Career and Continuing Education/Tanana Valley Campus University of Alaska Fairbanks; Fairbanks, Alaska

Courses Taught at Pitzer College: 1999-2001

Courses taught at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks: 1986-1999

Independent Studies:
Pitzer College
Span IS/PI: Historias de inmigrantes 2001
Span IS/PI: Lecturas: Literatura Mexicana del siglo XX. 2001 Span IS: Venezuela de Bolivar a Chdvez,2000 Span IS/PI: Community-based Spanish 2000. 3 students Span IS/PI: Afro-Cuban Belief 1999 Span IS/PI: Spanish Studies 1999
Independent Studies:
Span 397/497: Practicum in Foreign Language Teaching Fall/Spring 1990-98. 26 students
Span 297: Study on Venezuelan Art Fall 1995
Span 397: Documenting Hispanic Culture Fall 1994 Span 497: Women's Issues in South America Fall 1992
Span 397: Development of Innovative Language Teaching Materials Fall/Spring, 1991. 2 students

Supervision/Advising of Senior Projects/Theses (examples):
Pitzer: "Contextualized ESL curriculum development for the Pomona Day Labor Center" by Sarah Bentley, 2001 UAF: "Reconocimiento y Desarrollo del Potencial Hispano para la Industria del Turismo en Alaska" by Jennifer Johnson, 1996
"El Muralismo: Diego Rivera, Jose Clemente Orozco y David Alfaro Siqueiros" by Liliana Kyrstia-Carstea, 1996 "A Comparative Study of the Bilingual Education Program of the North Star Borough School District" by Chris Nolan, 1995
"Maria Eva Duarte de Peron: Evita" by Holly Morris, Spring 1994

Evaluation of teaching:
Pitzer: 1999-2001: student evaluations have been very positive.
UAF: 1986-1999: Student, department head, and dean evaluations of my teaching have been consistently high (samples at request) and repeatedly (1998, 1996, 1995, 1994, 1993, 1992) I have been one of the honored faculty guests in the "Luncheon Honoring Teaching Excellence" during "Academic Excellence Week" at UAF

Areas of expertise and scholarly interest:

Latin American cultural studies; popular culture; film, media, and documentary production; issues of identity and diaspora; Latin American contemporary literature; women's issues in Latin America; service learning; community-based language learning; language teaching and technology; and ethnographic research methods

Conferences, presentations and publications:

Jorge, Ethel. "Technology and Learning Spanish in a Cultural Context," presenter at 2001: A Spring Odyssey. Helping Academic Learning. Intercollegiate Academic Computing. Claremont Graduate University. March 22 - 23, 2001.

Jorge, Ethel. "Nostalgia in the future, identities from the past," paper presented to the 2000 Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association (PAMLA) Annual Conference. UCLA. November 10 - 12, 2000.

Jorge, Ethel "Estereotipos raciales y masculinidades en un grupo de carnaval uruguayo" in Teoria & Sociedade, Brazil. Number 6, pp. 94-121, October, 2000.

Jorge, Ethel. "A Digital Video Project Documenting Cultures," presenter at the Transforming Teaching with Technology Fair sponsored by Intercollegiate Academic Computing at the Claremont Colleges. Claremont McKenna College. October 17, 2000.

Jorge, Ethel. "La Comunidad como base de recursos en la enser'lanza del espafiol. Una experiencia piloto de Pitzer College," paper presented to the meeting of the Asociaci6n Americana de Profesores de Espanol y Portugues. Capitulo Sur de California. Pasadena Community College. October 28, 2000.

Jorge, Ethel. "Taxonomies of Murga Groups in the Uruguayan Carnival," paper presented to The World Conference on Carnival III, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. October 20 - 24, 1999.

Jorge, Ethel. "Beyond Chips and Salsa: Culture in the Foreign Language Classroom," paper presented to the Alaskans for Foreign Language Acquisition Conference (AFLA) Girdwood, Alaska. October 9-11, 1998.

Jorge, Ethel. "La murga y su contexto: La Reina del Barrio, una representaci6n visual," paper presented to the Alaskans for Foreign Language Acquisition Conference (AFLA) Girdwood, Alaska. October 9-11, 1998.

Jorge, Ethel. "Between Myth and Everyday Life: Identities in a Carnival Group in Uruguay," paper presented to the World Conference on Carnival, Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut. September 9-13, 1998.

Jorge, Ethel. "Identidades y La Reina de La Teja," in Heterogdnesis, Anno VII, Nr 23, 57 - 61 April 1998.

Jorge, Ethel. "The Murga: an Expression of Popular Urban Culture in Uruguay" paper presented to the Fifth Studies in Latin American Popular Culture Conference, New Orleans, October 17-20, 1996.

Jorge, Ethel. "Women and Social Change in Latin America: the Case of a Women's Organization in Uruguay," paper presented to Alaska Foreign Language Association conference, Fairbanks, October 2-4, 1992.

Jorge, Ethel and Jim Stricks (Center for Distance Education and Independent Learning, UAF) "Computer Applications in Second Language Acquisition," paper presented to Alaska Foreign Language Association conference, Fairbanks, October 2-4, 1992.

Forthcoming papers:

"Reflecting on a Model: The Community-Based Spanish Program at Pitzer College" Guest, Service Learning Institute: Building Community: Service-Learning Institute for Community-High School-CollegeUniversity. California Campus Compact September 21-22, 2001.

"Un curriculum basado en la vida diaria de una comunidad de hispano hablantes: El proceso de implementacibn". the AATSP (American Asociation of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese). Pasadena Community College. October 27, 2001.

"Ontario Stories: Imagination and empathy in a community-based language learning experience." Claremont Discourse at Honnold Library, October 10, 2001.

"Experiences in Community-Based Language Learning." Chair and Participant in Round Table Session at PAMLA(Pacific Ancient & Modem Language Association) Conference at Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA. November 9 - 11, 2001.

Videos accepted for distribution, screenings, festivals and awards:

La Reina del Barrio, selected for presentation and and won an "LASA 2001 Award of Merit in Film" at the International Film Festival of the XXIII International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association (LASA) - September 6,8, 2001, Washington D.C.

Jorge, Ethel. "La Reina del Barrio," 30 min. VHS. Center for Media, University of California, Berkeley. 2001.
Screening of video "Documenting the Community-Based Spanish Program" at the Fletcher Jones Language Laboratory, Pitzer College. November 28, 2000. By invitation; students and faculty attended; discussion.

Screening of video "Documenting the Community-Based Spanish Program" at 209 Broad Hall, Pitzer College. February 8, 2001. Students invited; discussion.

Screening of video La Reina del Barrio (preview of the final video), Broad Performance Space, Pitzer College. July 26, 2000. Students and faculty invited; discussion.

Other media productions:

Jorge, Ethel. "Documenting the Community-Based Spanish Program." 20 min video about the Pitzer CBSP during June - August, 2000 at SILC.

Jorge, Ethel. Web site "Los distintos Ontarios" Community-based Spanish curriculum. Content is the product of a collaborative research project with community participants of the Spanish program. 2001. Technical Assistant: Patrick Boozer.

Jorge, Ethel. Web site "Documenting Spanish speaking cultures in our community" as curriculum materials for lower division Spanish classes. 2000.Documentaries by the following students: Jenny Zavala: "Un Retrado de Mi Familiar" Jill McGougan: "Olvera Street: El Pueblo;" Tim Jones: "La Voz de Maria Elena;" Andy Beetley-Hagler: "La Lucha de Trabajar en Pomona; " Steve Beard: "El Ritmo de la Frontera." Technical Assistant: Dominique Whitton.

Jorge, Ethel. "Daphne," video documentary about Hispanic culture in Fairbanks,1994.

Various sets of Macintosh computer based Hypercard materials to teach vocabulary to Spanish students. Installed at Rasmuson Library, UAF, 1990.

Current and forthcoming projects

"Nostalgia in the future, identities from the past". Article already written, undergoing minor editing changes, seeking a publisher.

"Carnival, popular cultural and political participation: a typology of carnival groups in Uruguay". Draft. "Creating Communities: Reflections on a model of community-based language learning". Draft

Carnaval y Cultura Popular: del barrio al mundo, being prepared for publication in Uruguay (Spanish). Carnival and Popular Culture:from the barrio to the world, being prepared for publication in English.

Guest Lectureships

"Reflecting on a Model: The Community-Based Spanish Program at Pitzer College",
guest speaker at Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA.. Invited by Modern Languages and Literatures Department April 18-20, 2001

"Jokes: spaces of restrictions and permissions in a male Carnival troupe," lecture for a linguistics class on Language and Culture, March 1998.

"Carnival in a Barrio of Montevideo," lecture for a graduate course of anthropology on Folklore, March 1998.

"Use of Dialog Journals in Foreign Language Teaching," lecture for the program "American Culture for Russian Teachers of English," Spring 1996.

"Cultural Diversity Among Women," lecture for an Introduction to Women's Studies class, Fall, 1994. "Media in Uruguay," lecture for a journalism class on International Communications, Spring 1993.

"Human Rights and Education in the Socio-political and Economic Context of Uruguay," lecture for a class on International Perspectives on Education, Spring 1993.

"Conversations with Women in Uruguay," paper and series of four lectures for an anthropology class on Gender and Culture, Fall. 1993.

"Gender Issues in Latin America," lecture for an anthropology class on Gender and Culture, Fall 1991. Additional Competencies and Experiences

French: Superior reading/listening comprehension. Intermediate speaking (ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines). Italian: Intermediate-reading comprehension (ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines). Portuguese: Intermediate reading comprehension. (ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines).

Multicultural understanding:

Travel in Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Paraguay, Mdxico, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba, Chile, Western Europe, and Scandinavia. Lived for extended periods of time in: Uruguay, Chile, Cuba, France, and US (Alaska and California).
University/College Service:
Guest speaker at the Marquis Fireside Chat. February 13, 2001.

Member of the advisory group for the Pitzer in Ontario Grant: Community Learning as Local Citizenship.

Faculty participant, Board of Trustees and Faculty Retreat. February 23-25, 2001. Faculty representative on the Information Resources Committee. 2000-present.

Host and organizer of visit of Cuban poet Pedro Perez -Sarduy as a scholar-in-residence at the Grove House (October 23-23, 200).

Host of Luis De Leon from Guatemala social activist-in-residence for the Spanish Program: (Fall 2001). Faculty participant in the Faculty Staff Campaign Committee. 2000-present. Pitzer College.

Faculty mentor and organizer of the tutors, conversation groups and leaders of conversation groups that serve 80-100 students per semester. 1999- present. Pitzer College.

Faculty representative, Spanish program at Pitzer in the Intercollegiate Spanish Program of the Claremont Colleges. 1999- present. Pitzer College.

Faculty advisor, undergraduate and exchange students, UAF, 1990-98

Representative, Foreign Language Department in "Outstanding Student Award Program," UAF, 1995. Representative, Foreign Language Department in Cultural Awareness Week activities at UAF, 1993. Translator, University of Alaska President's office, 1993.

Coordinator, Foreign Film Series "Women On Film" Celebration of UAF's 75th Anniversary. Fall 1992 Coordinator, Department of Foreign Language plan to improve the environment for minority students, 1992. Faculty organizer, UAF Spanish Cinema Club, 1989-92.

Faculty mentor, UAF Spanish Club, 1989-92.

Conference publicity, Alaska Foreign Language Association conference, Chena Hot Springs, 1989. Community involvement
Initial involvement with the community of Ontario (California) through the development of a communitybased language program. 1999-present. Pitzer College.

Juror, Annual Foreign Language Poetry Contest, local high schools, Fairbanks, AK. 1990 - 1999. Presenter, Multicultural Week at the local elementary schools, Fairbanks, AK 1990 - 1999.

Presenter, panelist, lecturer on Latin American culture and cross-cultural issues at several Fairbanks high schools, 1990 - 1999.

Translator, assist Spanish speaking community members, and work on behalf of non-profit organizations (Camp Fire Girls, Interior Alaska Ecumenical Peace with Justice Council, Women in Crisis-Counseling & Assistance, Fairbanks Arts Association, Fairbanks Concert Association, Interior Neighborhood Health Clinic, different Church congregations, and others). Fairbanks, AK 1989-1999.

Guest speaker, panelist, community seminar held during Hispanic Heritage Month, Fairbanks (October 1994).

Member, Latinos Unidos del Norte. Fairbanks, AK 1990-99 Continuing Education and Professional Development
Attended, workshop "Introduction to WebCT" sponsored by Intercollegiate Academic Computing at the Claremont Colleges. Claremont McKenna College. June 28, 2001.

Attended, workshop on Final Cut Pro at Claremont Graduate University led by Josh Mellicker from January 28 & February 18, 2000.

Attended, workshops/Conference: Service Learning in Spanish. Minnesota Campus Compact, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. April 28 - 30, 2000.

Participant, "Conference: In Migration: Immigration, Racism and Policy in Europe and California." Scripps College. March 30 - April 1, 2000.

Attended, workshop Center for Educational Technology/Project 2001, Middlebury College, Vermont. November 10-13,1999.

Participant, Alaskans for Foreign Language Acquisition Conference (AFLA) October, 1997, Fairbanks, Alaska.

Participant, seminar "NAFTA and Regional Development in Oaxaca," Oaxaca, Mexico, March, 1996 (fulfilled seminar requirements of my doctorate).

Participant, seminar "Peoples and Cultures of the Caribbean: A Puerto Rican Perspective," San Juan, Puerto Rico, November, 1994 (fulfilled seminar requirements of my doctorate).

Participant, "Northern Women, Northern Lives" conference sponsored by the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, June 8-10, 1994.

Participant, Women's Conference sponsored by the Alaska Women's Institute, Anchorage, April 3-5, 1992.

Participant, Alaska Association for Computers in Education conference, Anchorage, March 1991. Focused on the uses of multimedia in education. Attended a workshop on: Computers, Creativity and Writing.

Participant, Alaska Association for Computers in Education conference, Anchorage, March,1990. Attended a workshop on hypercard.

Participant, 15th World Conference for Distance Education sponsored by the International Council for Distance Education, Caracas, November, 1990.
Participant, Alaska Foreign Language Association conference, Chena Hot Springs, Alaska, September 29 - October 1, 1989.

Member, Alaskans for Foreign Language Acquisition (till 1999) and Modem Language Association (MLA). Member, Latin American Studies Association (LASA). Member, American Anthropological Association (AAA).