Academic Advising

Pitzer College

The College acknowledges the wide diversity of student interests, abilities, needs, and styles. We expect that each student, together with a faculty adviser, will create a coherent program of study in accordance with the College's Educational Objectives.

Academic advising is considered an integral function of the teaching role of faculty members. Each student entering Pitzer College is assigned a faculty adviser. Students are encouraged to consult frequently with their advisers concerning the formulation and development of their academic programs.

Beyond officially designated academic advisers, students are encouraged to consult with other faculty members as well. The faculty represents a wide range of expertise, and members of the faculty will be glad to talk with students about their fields of interest. In conjunction with the Center for Career and Community Services, one faculty member of each field group is designated as the graduate school adviser.

Prior to midterm of the second semester of the sophomore year, students will choose a major adviser and begin discussions regarding the major. Students must complete a Major/Educational Objectives form and submit it to the Office of the Registrar no later than midterm of the first semester of the junior year.